LPMA Recordings

Founded in 2000, LPMA Recordings is a creative studio set up by composer Leo Anemaet and filmmaker Mari Soppela. Based in Amsterdam, LPMA produces music and sound composition. LPMA Productions is their Finnish film branch, founded in 2006 in Kemijärvi, which develops and produces creative documentaries.

Leo Anemaet

Born in Rotterdam, Leo Anemaet was a solo guitarist before he started making music with computers. After buying an Atari in 1987, he not only became a sound engineer but created one of the world’s first House music hits Yaaah/Techno Trance (D-Shake).

With 120 titles under his belt, Leo has made versatile music and sound composition for installations, animation, film, television and theatre.

His first film score was for the fiction film Plan Delta (1987) by Bob Visser and the latest is for the creative documentary It’s Raining Women (2022) by Soppela, released on March 9th in 2023 in The Netherlands.

Anemaet’s titles include the award-winning satirical mockumentary TV series 30 Minuten and 25 Minuten by Pieter Kramer and Arjan Ederveen, the children’s cult television series Rembo&Rembo by Maxim Hartman and Theo Wesseloo, the animation series De verhalen van de Boze Heks by Didi Hovingh and the immersive 360-degree installations by Tungsten The Sea Voyage in the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam and Continium in the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade. Throughout his career, Leo has worked with the artists Gerald van der Kaap, Rineke Dijkstra and Fiona Tan.

Likes: his old Fender Stratocaster, cooking, gardening
Dislikes: noise, social media, late nights

Leo Anemaet’s resume